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Sovetsky Sport is the first sports media. So far, only in the literal sense, our newspaper is over a hundred years old, and our website was launched 25 years ago. Before that, we had no one neither in print nor on the Internet. But we are actively working to become – or rather return to – the first place in the popularity and circulation rankings. And we are doing something about it. I wish the participants of the University International Sports Festival in Ekaterinburg, whatever their age and status, to strive to be the first. In every sense!
Evgenii Sliusarenko, Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief

Sovetsky Sport is one of Russia's best-known sports brands. Its history stretches back more than 100 years.

In the spring of 2023, Sovetsky Sport underwent a global relaunch. The new management team, which has a track record of success in the country's main sports media, is currently tackling the following main tasks:

  • the increase of traffic to the average of the market. Already this summer it reached 4 million unique users;
  • the return of the Sovetsky Sport newspaper and its Football magazine supplement to daily and weekly publication;
  • the launch of the redesigned website scheduled for autumn this year;
  • the reboot of the visual component of the brand, including the newspaper's iconic logo, which took place in the summer;
  • the return to its social media ecosystem;
  • new online and offline marketing activities.

Thanks to these steps, Sovetsky Sport plans to return to the top 7 leading sports resources by the end of the year. Further expansion is planned for 2024.