About FISU

The International University Sports Federation (FISU) is a sports organisation founded in 1949 to develop and promote sport among students worldwide. The organisation is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The FISU empowers and inspires students around the world to do sport. Health, well-being and experience that students gain from the sporting process help them to become worthy members of society and serve as positive role models to those around them.

The FISU organises world-class sports and educational events aimed at providing students with opportunities to achieve excellence of mind and body.

Everything you need to know about FISU

Objectives of the organisation

The FISU outcomes and the ways to achieve them have been set out in the Global Strategy 2027.

FISU events

A number of sports and educational activities take place under the umbrella of the FISU student sport movement:

The FISU sports events are characterised by special atmosphere, an extensive sports, educational and cultural programme, variety and a high level of competition. They are a springboard for other major events at the international and continental levels. The competition is open to student-athletes aged 17 to 25 including those who have graduated from university or a similar institution not more than a year ago.

FISU World University Games (winter and summer editions) are staged every two years in odd-numbered years in different cities. This celebration of international student sport and culture brings together thousands of student-athletes by making it one of the biggest and most prestigious multi-sport events in the world.

FISU World University Championships are significant FISU sports events that take place every two years in even-numbered years. They could be sport-specific competitions or a small group competitions. They give cities and universities the opportunity to host a major international sports event at minimal cost.

FISU University World Cups are a new FISU sports event created to complement the FISU World University Games and FISU World University Championships. FISU World Cups are played in a university versus university format. Bringing student flair and competing amongst fellow students at an international level is an experience not found anywhere else in sport.

In addition to sports events, FISU runs educational events and programmes that provide students with opportunities for personal development, communication, exchange of ideas and shared learning. Such events as FISU World Forum, FISU World Conference, FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy, International Day of University Sport, FISU Healthy Campus cover a wide range of topics and attract groups of highly qualified professionals from a variety of professions.

FISU education aims to help students acquire and develop leadership skills in order to increase their level of participation in society.

FISU values

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