University International Sports Festival Mascot Revealed

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Cedry Sable will become the official mascot of the upcoming event in Ekaterinburg.

"Ekaterinburg will host the Festival in August 2023. This large-scale event will bring together about 4,000 athletes from 25 countries. During the Festival, we expect a large number of guests, participants, and fans to come to our region. All significant sports events always have main symbols, mascots," said Sverdlovsk Region Governor Evgeny Kuyvashev.

Sverdlovsk Region residents already know Cedry. Previously, he was presented by Russian Minister of Sport Oleg Matytsin as the mascot of the 2023 FISU World University Games. Over 70,000 people took part in the mascot selection.

"Cedry stays with the University International Sports Festival, its participants, and spectators. We have kept him as part of our team. He is also an integral part of the upcoming Festival and its legacy, which is being created now. Mascots always play an important role. They should be catchy and memorable. It is all about our Cedry. He represents the Ural, people know him. In the future, even more guests will get to know him. I am sure they will remember Cedry for a long time," said Alexander Chernov, Organising Committee CEO.