The winner of the 2023 FISU World University Games Park concept competition was decided

Cultural programme/

The final jury meeting took place in the cultural and exhibition complex Sinara Center.

The winner of the competition was the team of the City Festive Events Directorate, together with the Event-Bureau 5/4, with the support of the Ekaterinburg History Museum, and their concept MEET YOUR TOMORROW.

In the finals of the competition, citizens and jurors were deciding between the four following concepts:

1. City Festive Events Directorate and their concept MEET YOUR TOMORROW. The project described what the future of culture, art, and sports could be like from the perspective of the young generation. The authors suggested using Plotinka's long-closed tunnel as the bridge between the past and the future.

2. LORIEN Agency. Concept WE ARE THE FUTURE. The main theme of the project is that we are sculpting our future; we are the creators of progress. Our possibilities are limitless. The future is ours. We are avant-garde. The visual part of the concept supports the suprematism style of the Games logo.

3. “АЛЬТ” Agency. Concept The Meeting Place. Park, as the place where different people, different ages and interests attract and meet. The project suggested separating the area of the Historic Square into seven zones united by a thematic ensemble.

4. BE BRAND ADVENT Agency. Concept URAL FUTURE SHOWCASE PARK. The project included the idea of uniting Ural’s every unique aspect in one venue, from nature and sports to art and education.

The competition consisted of two stages. First was the public voting stage, which took place on Ekaterinburg’s Administration website. The winner was the project MEET YOUR TOMORROW with 50% of the votes.

The opinion of the jury, made up of architecture and culture industry workers as well as representatives of regional and city administration, coincided with that of the citizens. Jurors noted the high level of detail of the MEET YOUR TOMORROW project, in particular using most of Plotinka’s locations, complex ideas for venue contents, and including city festivals in the Games Park program.

Let us note that the Games Park is the main attraction point of the future student games, the heart of its cultural program. It will operate in Ekaterinburg’s Historical square in the August of 2023 and will become not only the main cultural venue of the 2023 FISU World University Games for guests and citizens but also a part of celebrating Ekaterinburg’s 300th anniversary.